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Here we focus on the business of creating places to serve the growing universe of pickleball enthusiasts.   For many years the sport grew organically by piggybacking as a secondary usage.   First on driveways, then on tennis courts and gyms.  Today the movement is to dedicated facilities custom designed for pickleball.  There is a “flight to quality” going on. This new generation of ‘places’ are not just courts; they are unique clubs, centers and concepts that foster community and bring people together around a common passion. 

Open play at the local park will continue to exist, and to play an important part the pickleball universe, but now there are attractive business opportunities fulfilling increased demand for innovative new spaces.

We deal with the nuts and bolts of exploring these opportunities:  Business planning,  feasibility assessments, investment, design, construction, market conditions, site selection, financial projections, revenue strategies and more.  We scan the market for critical information that can help entrepreneurs realistically assess opportunities.  For a deeper dive into our consulting services, contact us for discussion.

About Us

We are brothers with decades of business experience in fitness, hospitality and a variety of other industries. Like millions of others, we’ve become obsessed with Pickleball.  Yes, we love to play, but we are also intrigued by pickleball as a social phenomenon, a fitness industry sensation and a unique business opportunity.  It’s fascinating to look at pickleball from the standpoint of business development. We have both consulted extensively around key startup issues: feasibility studies, revenue projections, business plans and financing.

Bill’s background: After several decades as a senior executive operating multi-million dollar operations in publishing and media, he left to pursue an entrepreneurial itch.  He co-founded a successful specialty fitness business that led to 16 years in multiple roles across the fitness industry.  He operated facilities, developed business plans and consulted extensively in fitness.  Ultimately he led a team that launched hundreds of fitness clubs across the country, mostly building them from scratch.   He has extensive experience with startups, operations and growth initiatives like franchising.

John’s career has been an active and successful mix of entrepreneurship, business management, early stage venture capital investment, and non-profit work across a variety of industries. John’s first business experience with racket sports was in Telluride, Colorado where he built and operated the facility that became the Telluride Paddle Tennis Association.   There he learned the value of fostering community and creating events around a cool court experience. He has specialized in business plan analysis, strategic planning, financing, fund raising, organizational development and more. He also ran a small business consulting firm for 5 years.

We are working with multiple groups exploring unique pickleball concepts around the country and we do mentoring work with various other startup businesses.

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