Business opportunity in the pickleball market

The articles on this site have been created to help entrepreneurs and investors assess the development of pickleball clubs, centers and facilities. We focus on the latest market information, startups, business operations, marketing issues, financial considerations and more.

  • Participation increased 158.6% over three years.
  • Pickleball growth resulted in 8.9 million Pickleball players in the United States over the age of six, up from 4.8 million in 2022.

Is pickleball a fad? What is the attraction? What business models make sense? What kind of investment makes sense? These and other questions are dealt with in the blog posts noted below. We’ve been assessing startups around the country, visiting clubs, talking to owners, interviewing suppliers and assembling best practices.

Pickleball Business Advisors is brothers Bill and John Pryor.  We provide a variety of consulting services based on extensive experience in fitness business development, and research into the fast growing pickleball marketplace.  To initiate a feasibility assessment for your pickleball club, or for other consulting, contact us so we can learn about your project.

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