Court-use revenue projections for a pickleball club

There are multiple revenue streams related to court time. If you’ve considered starting a “court-driven” pickleball business, there is potential revenue from multiple sources and the programming of time and activity will become a critical success factor. To be successful a club will need to do much more than just rent out court-time inventory.

Which activities maximize revenue per hour of court availability? And what is the best way to divide limited court time amongst them?  Each business plan will be different depending on the scale of your facility,the type of customer base and the vibe you are creating for your location.  Be prepared for trial and error.

You’ve built beautiful courts, what is the best way to monetize that investment?  Court time is inherently limited by a) the # of courts you have, and b) the # of hours in the day where demand exists.  To drive membership and to maximize revenue related to those courts you have to consider the highest and best uses of limited court time.  Some of the issues include

  • Open play: how to manage effectively for member and non members 
  • Reserved courts: how much total court time inventory for reservations
  • Clinics and lessons: best times that don’t conflict with other uses
  • Tournaments: organizing, managing, fees and sponsorhsips
  • League play: best times
  • Programming to address multiple levels
  • Community, corporate, youth and other specialty events.

Pickleball Business Advisors is brothers Bill and John Pryor.  We provide a variety of consulting services based on extensive experience in fitness business development, and research into the fast growing pickleball marketplace.  To initiate a feasibility assessment for your pickleball club, or for other consulting, contact us so we can learn about your project.

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