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In the early stages of business planning for a pickleball club or center, you will want to get your arms around financial feasibility. Pickleball Business Advisor has a service we call “Feasibility Assessment”.   This is not a complete business plan, but rather a tool to help you get to a “go or no-go” for taking things to the next level.  Deliverables include:

  1. Detailed financial operations workbook,  This is a working spreadsheet that provides a detailed breakdown of monthly and annual revenue and expenses.  This workbook allows you to run “what-if” scenarios by changing key variables impacting revenue and expenses.  There are 15-20 variables that would impact a financial pro forma.  Examples would be things like # of members, member dues, staffing costs, open play hours, and much more.  This workbook would contain our ‘first-pass’ conservative projections, but will allow you to experiment with assumptions and create financial best-case, middle-case, worst case scenarios.
  2. Start-up costs workbook.  This is a worksheet to help you determine dollars that need to be spent before the business opens.  Whether you self-fund or seek a loan or investors, this provides detail around your cash needs before the business generates revenue. It organizes startup expense categories.
  3. Critical success factors narrative.  The workbooks referenced above will include a written narrative outlining our thinking on the most important factors for maximizing revenue and minimizing expense.  It is the reasoning behind the numbers.  Example: Most clients we work with underestimate the importance of developing specialty programs and creating a “vibe” at the club.

We also do revenue assessments to help you understand the revenue potential of your club. Check our consulting services and fees page for more detail!

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