Consulting Services & Fees

The way we work:

First, we get on the phone and talk. We want to learn about your thinking so far. As you consider the launch of a pickleball club — a number of issues arise:  Financial feasibility, revenue potential, business planning, funding, real estate, construction, staffing, operations, programming,  booking systems, marketing and more.  As a first step, we have several services that are tools to help you make an informed “Go / No-Go” decision before a major investment.

1) Revenue potential assessment

This is a customized report detailing the multiple revenue streams a well run pickleball club should expect. We also recommend a pricing model, a pricing structure designed to maximize revenue from your various offerings. This workbook would contain our ‘first-pass’ conservative projections based on the details of your project and what we see with other pickleball clubs. It allows you to experiment with assumptions and create financial best-case, middle-case, worst case scenarios.

Critical success factors narrative.
We specifically define your various revenue streams —- and with our spreadsheet is a summary of what we consider to be the most important success criteria for building a strong membership and optimizing those revenue streams.

Note: once engaged, we are fully available for questions and brainstorming on any issues related to revenue assessment. Clients find this highly valuable.

2) Feasibility Assessment P&L

Detailed financial operations workbook
The Feasibility Assessment is a more exhaustive project addressing start up costs, revenue issues, expense issues and full operations. There is a working spreadsheet that provides a detailed breakdown of monthly and annual revenue, expenses….and profit. This workbook allows you to run “what-if” scenarios by changing key variables impacting revenue and expenses. There are 15-20 variables that would impact a financial pro forma. Examples would be things like rent/lease expense, member dues, staffing costs, and much more. This workbook would contain our ‘first-pass’ conservative projections, but will allow you to experiment with assumptions and create financial best-case, middle-case, worst case scenarios.

Start-up costs workbook.
This is a worksheet to help you determine dollars that need to be spent before the business opens. Whether you self-fund or seek a loan or investors, this provides detail around your cash needs before the business generates revenue. It organizes startup expense categories.

Critical success factors narrative.
The workbooks referenced above will include a written narrative outlining our thinking on the most important factors for maximizing revenue and minimizing expense. It is the reasoning behind the numbers. Example: Most clients we work with underestimate the importance of developing specialty programming, a topic we thoroughly explore in this assessment

Note: once engaged, we are fully available for questions and brainstorming on any issues related to the financial feasibility of your club. Clients find this highly valuable.

Other Consulting Services

Whether you do your own assessments or hire us, there are other areas we can help you with.

Business plan review / Business plan development
A well-constructed business plan is critical if you are raising or borrowing startup funds. It is also a blueprint for your start up and operation. If you’re starting from scratch, we can create both the financial proforma and the narrative sections of your plan. If you’ve done some work already and need another set of eyes, we can review and discuss your plan to finalize it.

Franchise Assessment
There are 2 paths to opening a pickleball club, you can open your own or buy a pre-packaged franchise. New franchisors are starting to appear in this market. Like in all markets some will be better than others. We have extensive experience with the franchise model, there are absolutely pluses and minuses you should be aware of.

Pickleball Programming Guide
Building community and driving court occupancy are key to a successful pickleball club. These are driven by creative, effective programming for your members. Successful clubs are expert at creating and promoting a variety of specialty programs for a broad range of member-types. This guide provides detailed guidance in the development of attractive programs.

Pickleball Club Operations
We can work with you on developing a manual or plan that addresses every area of operations. Pre-opening, Grand Opening, Programming, Staffing, Facility management, Marketing, and more. Ask for a proposal.

Hourly consulting projects
If you have a specific need in one area of your pickleball club development, we can work with you. We’ve developed relationships with club owners, suppliers and various experts to understand best practices and potential pitfalls.


Revenue Assessment / Estimator

$1,500 – $2000

Feasiblity Assessment

$3,000 – $5,000

Business Plan Review

$2,500 – $3,500

Business Plan Development

*Fees depend on project complexity

*5,000 – $10,000

Pickleball Programming Handbook


Hourly Consulting Projects

$250 per hour

Site visit

If you’d like an in-person brainstorm, or thoughts on a specific site, we can plan a trip to you

Cost: $1,000 per day (plus travel expenses)

All services provided by
Bill Pryor and John Pryor founders of Pickleball Business Advisors.